No need to purchase extra dinnerware items to accommodate extra guests; rent plates, utensils, and glassware from us for your next dinner party or holiday dinner event. Our dinnerware collection are classic pieces that will compliment your existing china and silverware.



china plates, dinner plates, etc.
White & Ivory Collections

(From left to right)
9" Dinner Plate
8" Luncheon / Salad Plate
6" Appetizer / Dessert / Bread Plate
6" Saucer
Tea / Coffee Cup


stemware, wine glasses, champagne flutes, flute
Perception Collection

(From left to right)
5.75oz - Champagne Flute
11oz - White Wine Stemware
13.5oz - Red Wine Stemware
8.5oz - All-Purpose Stemware
4oz - Cordial/Dessert Stemware


coolers, low-ball, high-ball

(From left to right)
10.5oz - Low ball / Old-fashioned
10.5oz - High ball
16oz - Cooler


flatware, silverware, utensils
Peacock Collection

Dinner Fork
Dinner Spoon
Dinner Knife
Soup Spoon
Dessert Fork
Steak Knife


platters, bowls, pitchers, ice buckets, serveware
charger plates

(Clockwise from top left)
4qt & 8qt - Chafers
Champagne / Wine Bucket
13" & 18" Oval - Platters
Serving Bowls
Ice Bucket
13" Round - Charger Plates