Rent the odds and ends to further enhance and customize your party. For a cocktail party, rent a bar, velvet rope and red carpet. Rent a stage for talent shows, showcase a product or for the head table at a wedding. Need a place to store your guests coats, well rent our coat racks and hangers.

Miscellaneous Items


Coolers & Ice Tubs

galvanized ice tub

Galvanized Ice Tub - 16.75 gallons
medium igloo cooler, ice chest
Medium Cooler - 52 quarts
Capacity: 83 cans
large igloo cooler, ice chest
Large Cooler - 165 quarts
Capacity: 280 cans
Coat Racks & Hangers
rolling coat rack

Collapsible & Extendable Coat Rack

Includes 25 hangers
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Coat Check tickets available upon request

Bar & Bar Equipment
Sorry image not available

Portable Folding Bar, Formica Bar
Available in: 4ft & 6ft long
Available in: Black & White

Crowd Control
sorry image not available
Stanchions & Velvet Rope
Carpet Runners

Velvet Rope: 5ft long - Red
Stanchions: Chrome ball-top with dome stanchions
Carpet Runners: 15ft long sections
- Available in: Red, Black & White

Outdoor Cooking
charcoal smoker grill
Charcoal, Smoker Grill

2 to 3 racks of cooking & warming space
Adjustable charcoal grate, off-set fire box to grill smaller meals
Side air vent and smokestack dameper to regulate heat and smoke
Large front workspace

garbage can
Garbage Can

Includes detachable lid
Sturdy handle and wheels for easy mobility

Audio System – PA System


Staging & Staging Equipment